There’s nothing new about the Toyota GT86 picking up an award, it’s amassed an impressive haul in its lifetime for its out-and-out quality as a pure driver’s car that won’t break the bank. Few could expect its latest honour, however: the “Real MPG” winner in this year’s Honest John Awards.

This sports coupe may be famous for its race and rally credentials, drifting prowess and laying down rubber in donuts that can be seen from space, but when it comes to everyday driving its performance proves “thrillingly” faithful to its official fuel consumption figures.

Dan Powell, Managing Editor of the consumer motoring website, said: “Few cars match the Toyota GT86 for performance for real-world fuel economy. Over the past 12 months the GT86 has received outstanding Real MPG ratings, returning 98 per cent or better of its advertised economy.

“Factor in its superb handling, free-revving 2.0-litre engine and affordable list price and it’s easy to see why the Toyota GT86 is held in such high regard by the readers of”

Mark Roden, Toyota GB Sales Director, said: “This is a different kind of award for GT86 but one that’s no less important for reflecting how it is precision engineered to perform faithfully and consistently in every aspect. It has made a big impact as a sports coupe that’s thrilling to drive, yet is affordable to buy and run. This Real MPG award reinforces its status as a genuinely budget-friendly model.”

GT86 has a classic front engine/rear-wheel drive powertrain and a precisely balanced chassis. Its 197bhp “boxer” engine is unique in its class and enables 0-62mph acceleration in 7.7 seconds with a six-speed manual gearbox. More important are the car’s poise and agility, delivering the kind of driving experience that’s usually the reserve of much more exotic – and expensive – machinery. And those fuel consumption figures? Official combined cycle data for the manual model is 36.2mpg.

GT86 has a great track record in the Honest John Awards, having twice taken the Performance Car of the Year title. Last year the Real MPG honour was claimed by another Toyota, the Verso MPV. The awards are based on the opinions and experiences of tens of thousands of visitors to the website.

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